take care of your Texel guinea pig

In Guinea pig shows you can see different types of amazing guinea pigs. One has long hair and another with short hair. But between all of them, there is a beautiful Texel guinea pig. It is cute with amazing curled hair, that covers its body. It is a result of selective breeding throughout years. May be it is not very intelligent, but it is able to identify its owner. It is not difficult to it to win in shows, if its owner takes care of it well. So you should know, how you can take care of your Texel guinea pig, and how you can put it in its best picture. Food, water and behavior are important informations to Texel guinea pig owner.
Firstly, you should know about their food and water. Texel guinea pig is herbivorous animal like others guinea pigs. It eats many times in small quantities. It needs to eat vegetables and fruits in its food which are rich in Vit C. It must have to be supplied with Vit C, because it can’t produce it. But take care about food which your pet used to eat. There are two types of commercial food pellets and powder food. If it used to eat pellet food, it will refuse a powder food. But don’t worry, it is not a big deal. You can use powder food gradually with pellet; in addition to, pelleting powder food by some water has a good effect. It makes it more acceptable. Water should be available all time. Type of food and age of animal can control amount of consumed water, so you should notice water well and keep it full.
One of important Features of Texel guinea pig is its hair. It has a beautiful long hair. Texel guinea pig hair is not the same throughout its life. Neonatal guinea pig has thin hair. By weaning thin hair falls, as it is replaced with another type called mature hair. It should be brushed regularly to keep it tidy. Also, it has to be washed with shampoo, as it is susceptible to parasites and insects. Ring worm, mange, demodex and lice are fungi and parasites which infect guinea pig. They result from bad grooming. By the time, body hair should be clipped. It should be in average size. Hair and nails should be clipped every month to avoid over growth. Food is one of important factors which affect Texel guinea pig skin. It should contain vitamins to keep skin healthy.
Your pet is your responsibility, so you should notice it well to know whether it is healthy or not. You should notice its feces, if it is a diarrhea, its natural orifices if there is abnormal discharge and its behavior. Abnormal behavior is an indicator, that there is something wrong. Hiding more than usual, drinking excessive water, loss of appetite and abnormal breath all of them are symptoms but not a disease. It may result from fear, bad environment and disease. when you see this behavior you should check the environment surrounding guinea pig and go to veterinarian.


The increasing popularity of the Teddy guinea pig due to their wonderful personalities and the fact that they warm up quickly to people which is an opinion agreed amongst people of the guinea pig community has made this breed a wonderful pet candidate for kids. On the surface, they seem like regular American breeds but a there is a distinction when an in-depth look is taken. What are the features and characteristics that makes this breed of guinea pigs stand out from others? Some are outlined below:


  • Coats and their patterns: The Teddy guinea’s coat is rough and denser when compared to other breeds. It shares similar hair texture with Abyssinian guinea pig but its own is shorter and lacks the rosettes. Some Teddy guinea pigs have soft wiry coats compared to the rough coats, though the rough coats are preferable in competitions and shows. They have differing colors of coats which include red, orange, white, gray, brown and black.
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Their coats also have different visible patterns, in most cases a single color is seen, in others a hue is formed when two color combines. Other visible patters that exist include stripes, spots amongst others.

  • Upturned nose: Also known as the ‘Roman nose’, the Teddy guinea pig has an upturned nose which is absent in other breeds of guinea pigs except the American cuvy and is a bit curvier and wider.
  • Size: The Teddy guinea pig is quite smaller in size when compared to the average guinea pig.
  • Lifespan: The average life span of a this specie is within four to six years and extends till 7 years in some cases.
  • Feeding: They mainly feed on guinea pig pellets and need to consume hay grass on a daily basis. They also feed on leafy vegetables, fruits and some other grasses which is similar with the various guinea pigs. They drink a reasonable amount of water too.
  • Shelter: They need large shelter sizes with temperature ranging between 25 to 30 degrees celsius. They require few equipment in cages where they reside. Such as toys, food containers and beddings.
  • Health and Exercise: The Teddy guinea pig needs exercise to maintain good health. This involves certain activities like allowing the guinea pig run around a clean and spacious area. It suffers mainly from scurvy (a deficiency caused by absence of vitamin C) and respiratory illnesses.

The Teddy guinea pig is known to be very playful, adventurous and sociable with its animal counterparts and human companions. When it comes to exercises and activities, they are very lively.

  • Hygiene:This is of a major feature in the care of a Teddy guinea pig.

Teddy guinea pigs do not require regular bathing. ‘Once in six months’ is the recommended time interval for bathing them. A mild shampoo intended for little animals is what is required in bathing them. They need to be gently brushed very often with the aim of removing lice from their bodies and fixing their hairs. Also, their ears and grease glands needs to be appropriately cleaned. Their cages also requires regular cleaning to protect them from diseases.

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The Origin and History of the Teddy Guinea Pig

Although guinea pigs have existed for ages, they can be said to have originated in grassy and rocky areas of South America. Known to be reared in regions which comprising of Modern-day Ecuador, Bolivia, Columbia and Peru. They were reared mainly as food.


Soon, their purpose of domestication changed from food source to domestic companions and pets. They were offered as gifts amongst these tribes on many important ceremonies such as weddings which describes their level of importance and the great role they played in the history of these tribes. Black guinea pigs were used in diagnosing diseases as ancient tribesmen of these tribe were of the belief that this animal could diagnose a suspected illness. They did this by rubbing the rodent round a persons sick body and the animal squeaks when it has found the diseased areas, so they believed. They held the guinea pig in high regards. Guinea pigs were brought to European shores within the 16th century by Europeans. The animals were sold as pet to the rich class of society and at some point Queen Elizabeth, in turn giving the pet more popularity. In those days, the pet was believed to be brought from Guinea in Africa as the Europeans coming from South America made stops at Africa. The European far reaching effect on other countries and the variety of guinea pigs existing has played major roles in making the specie notorious.


The Teddy is amongst the newest guinea pig breeds which was derived via genetic mutations. The exact crossings which yielded the species are not exactly known but most likely resulted in scientific experiments where guinea pigs were used.

All About Texel Guinea Pig

A interesting fact about Texel Guinea Pig is that the American Cavy Breeders Association didn’t remember it until 1998 and simply after that reality, it turn into a remain solitary breed which is these days rather well known everywhere throughout the world. Those little animals are extremely extraordinary and don’t resemble whatever another breed. In some cases, this breed is called since a long time ago haired Silkie Guinea Pig, on the grounds that the hair is somewhat long, yet there’s a major difference: Texel Guinea Pig has wavy long hair, while Silkie’s hair is quite recently straight.

Like the Teddy Guinea Pig breed, this one is fairly new and originated from England in 80’s accordingly of cross rearing however the detailes of those wavy hair is still obscure.

Texel Guinea Pig Care

Before talking about care tips for Texel Guinea Pig proprietors, I might want to state this is not the perfect decision for little youngsters or for the general population who never possessed guinea pigs since it requires a great deal of time and thoughtfulness regarding deal with. Due to the long and wavy hair, this breed requires prepping, in any event once every day. The eating regimen is totally the same with respect to different breeds. Preparing can be somewhat simple if you make it accurately. I prescribe you to brush their hair consistently or if you don’t have such a great amount of time at any rate once in 2-3 days. If you neglect to do this, this may bring about issues with the coat. Trimming is something else that you ought to do on normal premise. Keep in mind that it’s vital to trim the posterior with a specific end goal to dodge pee smell on the coat. Something else that you ought to likewise remember is that as a result of the long hair, which covers the ears, Texel Guinea Pigs may have earwax development.

Texel Guinea Pig Bath

You may definitely realize that most breeds don’t require showers, however not this one. It’s OK to shower your pig once every month to ensure that the hair looks great and there is no possess an aroma similar to pee on it.

Texel guinea pig preparing tips

Texel’s needs normal prepping because of the way of their hair.

By trimming their hair you are keeping them more open to, keeping up a decent standard of cleanliness, and diminishing the odds of diseases. Their long hair normally splashes up pee which is bad for them.

If their hair is not washed, then it can matt effortlessly so washing it on a month to month premise will keep it looked after well.

Texel proprietors suggest keeping the hair around its posterior much shorter as the more drawn out hair can get wet effectively from pee and cause illness and disease.

As specified above, trim their hair short around the rear and around the sides.

To trim their hair you can utilize wellbeing scissors or beautician scissors. However, electric scissors are the best method for doing it trimming their hair as they permit you to get a decent trim that scissors can’t do.

Brush their hair frequently. A wired toothbrush is the best brush/search for the employment.

Running your fingers through their hair frequently will dispose of any tangles and they adore it also.


Trend Sit n Stand Double Stroller Review

I bought the Baby Trend Sit n Stand Double Stroller to help me manage after I had my second child. This stroller is amazing! There are so many different ways to use it. If I had had twins, I could have put both babies in their infant car seats, and put both in the stroller facing me. However, my first one was a toddler when I had my second baby. When I need to, I can strap my oldest one in, and put my youngest one in his car seat and attach it to the stroller. I am looking forward to when he is a little bigger and both my little men can sit up in the stroller without the car seat attachment.
I happen to own a Baby Trend infant car seat, but you don’t need their brand infant car seat specifically–this stroller accommodates other brands as well.

This stroller also comes with canopies for both seats to shade my boys when we’re outside, which is where we are a lot. It is definitely a useful edition when they fall asleep! I can just open the canopy to keep the sun out of their eyes and keep walking.
Since my baby usually occupies the front seat, it’s nice that both seats have the option to hold drinks and little snacks. My oldest doesn’t have to keep asking for juice, and I don’t have to stop every few minutes to dig it out of my bag. The trays themselves can be removed if needed. There’s even a drink holder and tray for me and my hubby!
A definite advantage to this stroller is the amazing storage capacity underneath the seats. With two children, I feel like I’m always bogged down with bags for each of them, plus my purse. I can easily store all our belongings in the baskets beneath the children’s seats. Now that my oldest is potty training, it seems I need most of that space just for extra sets of clothing!
I was worried about getting a stroller for two children because I didn’t want a humongous, unmanageable stroller. This stroller is really easy to use, fold up, and store in the back of my car. I don’t have to worry about it taking up much more extra space than my first stroller (with a single seat) did, which is really amazing.
One of the things that makes the Baby Trend Sit n Stand Double Stroller unique is the back seat. I can remove the back seat so that my older boy can sit or stand as he pleases. This will definitely come in handy as he gets bigger. Right now, he is mostly content to just sit in the back seat and talk to me about everything he sees.
This stroller was worth every penny I spent. Taking my two children anywhere, the park, the mall, the zoo, is so much easier than I initially thought it would be. I don’t have to stress about storing all our belongings, or pushing the baby in the stroller and trying to keep an eye on my toddler. I highly recommend the Baby Trend Sit n Stand Double Stroller!