take care of your Texel guinea pig

In Guinea pig shows you can see different types of amazing guinea pigs. One has long hair and another with short hair. But between all of them, there is a beautiful Texel guinea pig. It is cute with amazing curled hair, that covers its body. It is a result of selective breeding throughout years. May be it is not very intelligent, but it is able to identify its owner. It is not difficult to it to win in shows, if its owner takes care of it well. So you should know, how you can take care of your Texel guinea pig, and how you can put it in its best picture. Food, water and behavior are important informations to Texel guinea pig owner.
Firstly, you should know about their food and water. Texel guinea pig is herbivorous animal like others guinea pigs. It eats many times in small quantities. It needs to eat vegetables and fruits in its food which are rich in Vit C. It must have to be supplied with Vit C, because it can’t produce it. But take care about food which your pet used to eat. There are two types of commercial food pellets and powder food. If it used to eat pellet food, it will refuse a powder food. But don’t worry, it is not a big deal. You can use powder food gradually with pellet; in addition to, pelleting powder food by some water has a good effect. It makes it more acceptable. Water should be available all time. Type of food and age of animal can control amount of consumed water, so you should notice water well and keep it full.
One of important Features of Texel guinea pig is its hair. It has a beautiful long hair. Texel guinea pig hair is not the same throughout its life. Neonatal guinea pig has thin hair. By weaning thin hair falls, as it is replaced with another type called mature hair. It should be brushed regularly to keep it tidy. Also, it has to be washed with shampoo, as it is susceptible to parasites and insects. Ring worm, mange, demodex and lice are fungi and parasites which infect guinea pig. They result from bad grooming. By the time, body hair should be clipped. It should be in average size. Hair and nails should be clipped every month to avoid over growth. Food is one of important factors which affect Texel guinea pig skin. It should contain vitamins to keep skin healthy.
Your pet is your responsibility, so you should notice it well to know whether it is healthy or not. You should notice its feces, if it is a diarrhea, its natural orifices if there is abnormal discharge and its behavior. Abnormal behavior is an indicator, that there is something wrong. Hiding more than usual, drinking excessive water, loss of appetite and abnormal breath all of them are symptoms but not a disease. It may result from fear, bad environment and disease. when you see this behavior you should check the environment surrounding guinea pig and go to veterinarian.